30 years of design and innovation


Movimar is present in the October edition of Caras Decoração magazine!

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Movimar is today an example of what is best done in Portugal.

Growing day by day, Movimar kitchens are present in many homes, meeting the specifics of each family. The variety and excellence of the product have been reflected in the strong growth that Movimar has registered from year to year, which in addition to quality, also invests on the constant innovation and updating of the equipment.

For Movimar, each kitchen is unique, and nothing is left to chance.

Kitchens are environments for the family to live and mingle, and regardless of size, it’s possible to create custom and dream environments. The ideal kitchen is one in which we feel good, which gives us sweet memories of the past and in which we find ourselves cooking in the future, our kitchen.

Movimar combines know-how with the monitoring of market trends, developing custom projects. The goal is for the environment in focus to blend in with other areas of the house, and nothing better than a well thought out design to achieve that goal.