Movimar furniture adopts the most demanding tests of durability and performance in the market and has the seal of prestigious certifications. When you select Movimar furniture for your kitchen, wardrobes or bath, you know they are certified.

For seven days, in a laboratory environment, we load furniture shelves weighing 15 pounds per square inch. Technicians monitor furniture to detect signs of joint separation or other faulty furniture or assembly systems. Other weight tests include gradually loading 50 pounds into assembled furniture, simulating stress on the furniture under load.


Next, we test the resistance to furniture opening and closing . During 25,000 cycles, with a weight of 15 pounds per square inch, we know that Movimar furniture will maintain performance as the active lifestyle of our customers.


Then, during two separate tests, we focus on the furniture’s doors and hinges by testing its ability to support 100 pounds of weight and 25,000 swing cycles. Movimar furniture continues to function perfectly without signs of damage or slack.


Because the coating of the furniture is one of its most visible features, Movimar then tests the behaviour for potentially abrasive substances; Furniture is exposed to stain threats like vinegar, grape juice, coffee, alcohol and even mustard for varying amounts of time. The result? Furniture that earns the certification seal does not show discoloration that can not be easily polished.


Finally, the heat test; 120 degrees for 24 hours and the furniture’s response without discoloration or bubbles proves that your Movimar furniture can handle the inevitable dangers of temperature in your kitchen.