In order to ensure consistency across an entire cabinet making project, and minimize product handling, Movimar makes sure that the cabinets for a complete order are built on the same line where they are assembled, packaged and loaded for shipping.

Each piece of a cabinetry order begins in Movimar´s Customer Service Department where thousands of orders are processed every day. Once processed, your order is immediately received into the cabinet making departments that contribute to the completed product.

Movimar Finishing Process


All Movimar doors and drawer fronts receive furniture finishing process, resulting in one of the finest finishes available in the industry.


  • First, doors and drawers front surfaces are machine and hand sanded and then vacuumed to eliminate all dust particles in preparation for staining.
  • Special stains are applied to balance the base color of the wood to establish a consistent color uniformity.
  • Next, deep penetrating stain is hand-sprayed and hand-rubbed to reveal the hidden beauty of the grain.
  • Doors and drawer fronts are then air-dried before receiving distressing or glazing for some specialty finishes.
  • Movimar´s specially formulated sealer is applied with pressure and is then oven-cured.
  • Again, all surfaces are hand-sanded, providing a smooth consistent surface to prepare for a stain topcoat.
  • Environmentally safe, exclusive Movimar topcoat is applied to the surface. The topcoat is a custom, oven-baked finish that extends the original color and clarity of the wood while standing up to everyday wear and tear.
  • Finished doors and drawer fronts are then staged for transportation to the assembly line to meet up with cabinet components.

A Speedy Sendoff


After being inspected by certified Movimar professionals at the end of the cabinet building process, the finished order is boxed with specialty packaging to prevent damage. The order is then loaded onto the truck for delivery.


When it comes to building kitchen cabinets, or cabinetry for any room in your house, we have one of the shortest manufacturing turnarounds in the built-to-order cabinetry industry.


Usually, your furniture will require approximately four weeks from order validation until delivery. However, the time varies according to the geographic location, the selected materials and requests at peak times.


Customers can conveniently track their order every step of the way by visiting our online order tracking system, using our Contacts page, or by calling us directly at +351 261 819 800.