With our vision and know-how, we create the perfect balance between functionality, design and timelessness. We design spaces that are multifunctional in the way they are used now and in the future.


We keep-up with new trends in the sector and continuously integrate innovation and technology into all our processes. We explore new materials and finishings that provide durability and resistance, as well as elegance, modernity and a visually pleasing decor.


There is no place like home? True. It makes us feel good, safe and comfortable.

By believing there are no limits, borders or barriers for great experiences, we take on all challenges with a resolute attitude to meet each client needs.

kitchen culture

We create kitchen ambiances that go far beyond basic cooking needs, to introduce and integrate the kitchen as part of the modern user’s lifestyle and culture. In each project, every aspect is carefully considered, to create high quality kitchens, striving for functionality and organization.

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wardrobe culture

When decorating a room, we need to consider two aspects: comfort and storage space. With a wide variety of configuration options, elegant details and diversified accessories, our wardrobes and closets give a unique character to the space’s decoration. Our wide range of materials and finishes keep up with the latest trends, in perfect harmony with practical and functional design.

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bath culture

The meaning of bathroom has shifted into more than just a place for personal hygiene. Bathrooms are enriched by warm, harmonious, and elegant materials, which allow to create environments of pure relaxation. Movimar’s bath ambiances combine design, harmony, resistance, and functionality, covering different styles – from furniture with a classic or vintage style to more rustic designs in natural wood tones or minimalist lacquered.

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