kitchen styles


Modern kitchens, minimalist kitchens, rustic kitchens and industrial style kitchens


The “gourmet” wave that invaded the country was not restricted to restaurants. The refinement in preparing the food also reached residential kitchens. And now, it’s no longer enough to have an island for the stove, it takes more.

The kitchen is a very important area of the house. In addition to needing to be clean and functional to facilitate the daily life of the family, the kitchen needs to be interesting. Also, even if the kitchens are little used in the routine of some people, at that moment of the party where we receive friends and family, it is necessary to have a cozy atmosphere.

Linear kitchen

Perfect for those who have a long but not too narrow kitchen. Combining an island-shaped bench with the table, it leaves room for the family flow. To complement it, the ideal is to work with cabinets and shelves on one of the walls.

Parallel kitchen

Perfect for those who have a larger space or a kitchen in square format. As the name implies, there are two rows of cabinets and side benches, taking advantage of the maximum space that the kitchen has to offer. This style of kitchen is much used by chefs because it provides a large space to work in different ways, separating hot from cold and clean from dirty.

U-shaped kitchen

Modern kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, quite cozy and perfect for those with a bit more spacious kitchen. It allows the use of different styles of cabinets and even an island, which can be used for cooking or as a table.

L-shaped kitchen

The most popular modern kitchen style in apartments today, since it makes good use of the corners facilitating its integration with other environments of the house.

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