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Why remodel your kitchen?

Remodeling a kitchen requires direction. There are several aspects to take into account when remodeling your kitchen: the budget, the selection of furniture, countertops, appliances, accessories and who will contribute to make your remodeling needs and desires a reality.

There is one step that comes first of all: the goals of remodeling your kitchen.


Among the different reasons why people remodel, one of the most important is the appearance.
Your kitchen can be quite functional, but it may seem totally outdated, with outdated electric appliances and countertops, poor paint work. All these things can be solved, of course, and if the goal is style, you will probably pay special attention to things like floor and walls, kitchen accessories, appliances, lighting, furniture and more.
Movimar biggest recommendation is that as you think about remodeling, choose a style that is, in fact, timeless: you do not want to replace your outdated kitchen with a modern and unique novelty to see it go out of fashion again in five or ten years!


Not all the people have a kitchen that meets their needs, while cooking and rejoining the family, which is why functional remodeling is so common. In fact, there are several goals here: you may be remodeling to get more room to cook – more counter space; to have more storage space; or you may be remodeling so there is more space for your family to gather around the table. In some cases, you may simply want to make better use of the space you have. Extension of countertops, installation of new furniture, addition of a kitchen island – anything is possible.


Some remodeling projects have more specific reasons. For those, like you, that simply want a breakfast nook in the kitchen, one with large windows and comfortable chairs. Or maybe your remodeling goal is to replace certain worn-out elements like an older stove or a set of broken / stained benches. In addition, you can choose to remodel your kitchen in an ecological perspective with newer kitchen appliances, including refrigerators and stoves that can really help you save on the electricity or gas bills in the long run.
You can achieve these goals efficiently and add real value to your home in the process of remodeling your kitchen.

What’s the shape of your kitchen, choose your model and start drawing now!

My Kitchen is L shaped

My Kitchen is U shaped

My Kitchen has an island

When planning your kitchen, it is useful to draw your ideas and take measurements of the space.